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Bodh Gaya The City of Enlightenment.

Bodh Gaya is situated in the state of Bihar of India. That year will see the 2,700th anniversary of the day Siddhartha achieved enlightenment and became the Buddha at a place which has come to be known as Bodh Gaya. Bodh Gaya Resembles a place of peace and Tranquility, a place where Siddhartha became Lord Buddha and founded the religion based on compassion, reason and universal truths. Bodhgaya is the birth place of Buddhism. Geographically wise it is situated at the outskirts of Gaya and at the bank of Falgu river of Bihar state of India.

Budhism Story in Bodhgaya

History remembers Bodh Gaya as Bodhimanda and the main monastery as the Bodhi manda-vihra (Pali). Being one of the four most important sites related to the life of Gautama (Kushinagar, Lumbini, and Sarnath complete the quadrate).The present city is a historians',tourists' and religious minded people's delight and is replete with numerous places and monuments that have a direct bond with the enlightened Prince. The area remained the hotbed for Buddhism upto the 13th century till it was con-quered by the Turks.The peeks of the history shows at around 6th century BC When once prince Siddhartha gave up all material possession and,after practicing rigorous act of self-mortification for years, attained Enlightenment or Nirvana under a Bodhi (Bo) tree and started spreading the message of love and peace. Later the place where Gautama Buddha was enlightened got highlighted by the great Mauryan ruler King Ashoka who built a shrine here and soon was known all over the world as the Mahabodhi temple.

Siddhartha in Bodhgaya

One day Sidhhartha was very tired and so sat under the shade of a tree. He shut his eyes and was blessed with a divine light. This was the turning point, as he realized the truth is within every human being. The search outside was pointless. The tree under which he meditated came to be known as the 'Bodhi Tree', the tree of wisdom. And the place where this happened is still known as Bodh Gaya, now in north eastern part of India. Soon after his enlightenment the Buddha preached to a small group of the curious and those who heard his words became his disciples. From then on the Buddha devoted the rest of his life to teaching those who sought his advice, his compassion, his wisdom.The growth in the number of his disciples led to his establishment of the Sangha, the Buddhist monastic order. It was his disciples who passed along his teachings, by word of mouth, from generation to generation.

Now Bodhgaya

Bodhgaya is now a town of about 30,000 permanent residents. The two major sacred sites in Bodhgaya are the Mahabodhi Temple and the Bodhi Tree, around which many other temples and monasteries of various Buddhist traditions (Japanese, Tibetan, Bhutanese and others) have been built.The Current Bodh Gaya definitely shows us the Limelight of Development .Being one of the Favourable Tourist Destination in East India, Bodh Gaya has adequate luxurious Hotels and easily linking to other parts of India and World via dedicated International Airport at Gaya. Every year, millions of Buddhist pilgrims, mainly from Asian countries, flock to Bodhgaya to be inspired, dissipate negative karma and earn merit by visiting the holy site where the Buddha became the Buddha ("Enlightened One"). Throughout the day and night in the height of the pilgrimage season, monks in colorful robes can be seen meditating where the Buddha did, studying dharma texts, making offerings to the many statues and stupas on the site, and circumambulating (walking around) the sacred Mahabodhi Temple.

Visitor attraction in Bodhgaya

Bodh Gaya has now numerous temples built and operated by different countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Japan, Myanmmar etc. showing us diversified seens but for the unified vision of Buddhism. The main attraction of Bodh gaya is Mahabodhi temple. The famous Mahabodhi Temple has been restored and rebuilt over the centuries. Set among verdant lawns this giant pyramidal sandstone structure goes to a height of 54meters and is visible for miles around. The walls are carved with various aspects of Buddhism. The sandum sandorum has a colossal golden Buddha..The best time to go Bodh gaya is From December to March where temperature will be adequate to roam around. Siddhartha then made his way to a place near Bodh Gaya in India, where he found a suitable site for meditation. There he remained, emphasizing a meditation called “space-like concentration on the Dharmakaya” in which he focused single-pointedly on the ultimate nature of all phenomena. After training in this meditation for six years he realized that he was very close to attaining full enlightenment, and so he walked to Bodh Gaya where, on the full moon day of the fourth month of the lunar calendar, he seated himself beneath the Bodhi Tree in the meditation posture and vowed not to rise from meditation until he had attained perfect enlightenment.

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